IncluseV: Powdered Beauty Products!

Antonia Devereux talks to Monica Chandak, founder of IncluseV, the company shaking up the cosmetics industry by creating waterless, powdered products.


Here is a reiew from Christine on our waterless products.

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Ecopreneur 2023 by Sublime Magazine


Inclusev London: Add Aqua Collection- A review by Beauty Folio

Powdered beauty products are certainly growing in popularity recently thanks to their sustainable credentials that makes them an ethical choice for a greener beauty routine. The reasons why we should be opting for powdered, waterless products is simple; they are incredibly good value for money, better for the environment and are great on skin and hair too. Did you know that conventional wash-off beauty products only contain 20% active ingredients? This means that many of us are paying for 80% water with each cleansing product we purchase which is bad for our bank balance as well as the planet. Thankfully brands such as Inclusev London are breaking boundaries when it comes to waterless products, formulating powder to foam skin and hair care that contain 100% natural, active ingredients that are sustainable and effective…

Waterless beauty may be more sustainable, but does it work?

The concept of waterless beauty took off in 2015 when a Korean beauty trend focused attention on the potency of skincare ingredients. It wasn’t long before this led to a number of powder-powered products. As the trend began to spread globally, people quickly realised its potential for reducing the impact that the beauty industry has on the environment.

Beth Lucy's Review on Inclusev's Powder powered products

Blogger Bethy Lucy shares her review about the Inclusev's Add Aqua Collection.

The low waste weekly loves INCLUSEV

Read here what Lisa has to say about our WATERLESS, PLANT-BASED BEAUTY - INLCUSEV

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Introducing: Inclusev - Add Aqua Collection - Powdered Shampoo, Facewash, Bodywash & Handwash review #WaterlessBeauty

Evelyn from We were raised by wolves shares her experience and review after using Inclusev Waterless products

Inclusev London launches its Add Aqua Collection

Inclusev London: The new brand that believes in breaking boundaries one product at a time. Its debut collection, Add Aqua, consists of concentrated powders that eliminate waste (handwash, bodywash, facewash, and shampoo). Each powder-to-foam formula is crafted without water with natural, biodegradable, sustainably sourced, plant-derived ingredients delivering 4x the number of washes compared to a liquid product.

Inclusev London launches its Add aqua collection

Inclusev London has launched its new hair and skin care collection with Add aqua. Including a Bodywash, facewash, handwash and shampoo, the brand's water activated compositions offer powder- to- lather formula with each bottle delivering 4 times the number of washes compared to a liquid product, according to the brand. The handwash is available in Lime, lemon and thyme oil scents as well as coriander, lemongrass and tea tree oil. Meanwhile, bodywash is available in lemon, lime and rosemary and cedarwood, lavender and frankincense scents. The range is free from water, fillers, parabens and sulphates and prices start at £25 for 50g and is available at

INCLUSEV London Sample Review

Over the period of 25 year of reviewing products, once in a while a brand comes along and surprises me for all the right reasons. Today I opened a box from Inclusev London filled with powdered bottles of 'shampoo, hand wash, face wash and body wash. That's right, the bottles contained just finely milled powders.

Why Powdered Beauty Products Are Better for Your Skin—and the Environment

These TSA-friendly waterless products have a longer shelf life compared to gels, creams, and liquids.

Waterless Beauty Can Help Save The Planet, And Your Skin

Thanks to the rise of clean beauty, people are looking for healthier, more sustainable alternatives when it comes to cosmetics. Here, we investigate the impact that water-filled products can have on the environment, and why going water-free might be the eco-friendly change we all need to make.

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