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About Inclusev & Products

What Does INCLUSEV Mean?

Our brand name is derived from our company ethos, which is to promote Inclusivity &Sustainability. Our planet-friendly sustainable ADD AQUA condensed powder products are designed for people of all genders, skin types, ethnicities & creeds.

Why Do You Offer Powder Products?

We are very mindful that we all need to be as minimalist as possible. All unsustainable conventional liquid wash-off products are made using around 80% water & just 20% active ingredients. To counteract this, our R&D scientists crafted our ADD AQUA products with 100% active ingredients, thus making them sustainable, eco-friendly, & very importantly, cost effective.

How Much Product Do I Need Compared to Liquid Products?

You only need a small amount to achieve effective results. - This equates to just 1/4th of conventional products. You will create a thick creamy lather when you mix the powder with a little water, and get all you need by using: 2 sprinkles of powder for the Handwash, and 3 to 4 sprinkles of powder for the Shampoo, Bodywash and Facewash. There is so much powerful natural goodness packed into the sprinklings of active ingredients, that you'll be amazed with the results!

Can I Just Fill the Bottle with Water & Make it Like a Liquid Wash?

No! - This revolutionary ADD AQUA collection is specifically designed to sprinkle fresh powder on wet hands to activate the ingredients and form a lather. It is not possible to make ready-made liquid versions yourself

How Long Will a 50g Bottle of Product Last?

Our chemists have made our ADD AQUA products highly potent, and extremely effective when used in small quantities- So you really don’t need much. So a 50 g product should last- up to 30 washes for Shampoo, up to 120 washes for Facewash, up to 65 washes for Bodywash & up to 180 washes for Handwash

What Ingredients Do You Use in ADD AQUA Products?

All INCLUSEV products are crafted using 100% natural, plant-based ingredients, some of which are organic. Given our science-based, sustainable, green approach, our chemists are extremely selective when it comes to the ingredients that we use. This strategy not only provides optimum results for your skin and hair, it also helps the planet. Further, all our ADD AQUA products are manufactured in small batches. - This ensures that quality and freshness is maintained.

How do I store Inclusev products?

If your products are unopened, then store in a cool dry place, such as a cupboard.

What is the ADD-AQUA Products' Shelf-Life?

The shelf-life of our range is 24 months, however, you should use them within a 12 month period after opening.

What is Your Policy On Animal Testing?

We are vegan and strictly cruelty-free, therefore INCLUSEV never conducts tests on animals. We love the animal kingdom as much as we love our planet.

Where Are Your Products Manufactured?

All our ADD AQUA products are manufactured at our high-grade facility in the UK.

What Type of  Bottles & Packing Do You Use?

All our products (including the caps), are packaged in biopolymer bottles which are generated using 100% sugarcane fibre. These can be widely recycled, and are obtained from sustainable sources, thereby making less impact on our environment.


What Are Your Shipping Charges?

We offer FREE shipping in mainland UK on all orders over £30 (many people just add an extra product if they originally intended to order one item). Please see further details in our shipping policy

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