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About us

Monica Chandak is the founder of INCLUSEV & is on a mission to help save the planet and make a difference. In her 13 years of experience in developing cosmetics, she has developed over 600 cosmetic formulations and most of them contained water. The industry is still limited on solid ingredients that can be incorporated in waterless cosmetics, but she was determined to design a product, a process that would contain less or even no water. It took over 3 years of experimenting & over 150 trials to finally come up with revolutionary, yet balanced formula which incorporated the finest, most effective ingredients in a unique powder form that is Suitable, Sustainable and Safe for everyone.

All Inclusev products are formulated, produced and packed in our own facility in GREAT BRITIAN. We source all of our finest ingredients, packaging in the most sustainable way possible. Every component of INCLUSEV has its own story to tell.

Photo of Inclusev founder – Monica

Our Vision

Sustainability and Transparency is at the heart of all that we do. Inclusev is a genderless beauty brand that aims to deliver products that are made for all, to eliminate barriers and help build inclusivity.

Our Promise

Confidently clean
Our products are powered by only the ingredients you need and nothing more.

INCLUSEV is always free from:
- Water
- Fillers
- Sulfates & Phthalates
- Synthetic Colors & Fragrances
- Parabens
- Animal-derived or Tested Ingredients

Photo of Inclusev founder – Monica


All our 50 g bottles are made with Biopolymer fibre & are 100% recyclable 

Fragrance Free

All Inclusev products are free from fragrance & use natural aromatherapy oils

Cruelty free & Vegan friendly

Never tested on Animals & always free from Animal derivatives

Good for you & the planet

Free from water & fillers, all inclusev products are high performance powders

Made in Britain

Crafted, Produced & Packed in- house in UK

You might not be perfect, but your skin, body & hair care routine can be. Easily

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